“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.” - Socrates

Location Bali.

In addition to our main branch in Düsseldorf, we have deliberately chosen a second location in Bali, which enables us to have an international portfolio. The Balinese worldview can be described as ‘traditional in its best form’. Relationships between men and women are designed to last a lifetime. Loyalty and pride are noticeable everywhere in daily life, great emphasis is put on respect and is the foundation of interpersonal behaviour.

This character is predominantly written in the face of the Balinese women and finds expression in a special aura. Balinese women are often described as dream women: attractive, with their own charm and a loving, soft smile. Contrary to the fact that Balinese women are generally slender, they are said to have unmatched cooking skills, which are inspired by various Asian cuisines.

The Balinese culture is imbued by the desire and endeavour to live in harmony with nature, the gods and people. Influenced by this, the Balinese have a strong sense of family. With a polite and respectful demeanour they want to create an atmosphere which is pleasant and comfortable to us. A remarkable character trait is their serenity to enjoy the moment. Balinese women are very polite and friendly – and they expect the same from a man.