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Welcome to Zerlina, your exclusive dating agency.
We connect people on the highest level so they can find their happiness together.
Discreet, loyal and on a scientific basis.

"Courage is a kind of salvation." - Plato

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The exclusivity of our clients is mirrored in our service; confidently and loyal we are dedicated to your wishes.

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"To the person who does not know where he wants to go,
there is no favorable wind" - Seneca

Highlight of life!

Our clients have achieved a lot in their career, they have a secure social standing and are financially independent. When they talk, people listen as their words carry weight. They are often admired!

But each and every one of them also says that much had to be invested to achieve this status.

Their probably most valuable investment was time. Often, little time remains when you are completely dedicated to your goals - too little to put interpersonal relationships on solid grounds or taking them to a higher level. And this although the real highlights of life are those that are experienced together.

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"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line." - Archimedes

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Sailors know, as exciting and unique adventures at sea may be, they are worthless without the port to talk about them. We always work reliably and disciplined to find the perfect partner for you. We attach the greatest importance to satisfied and happy clients who embark with zeal on a new voyage.

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