"Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued." – Socrates

For ladies, who wish to be found.

For gentlemen, who have commissioned us to search for the woman of their dreams, the following criteria are the foundation for the success of a good and stable relationship: education, social and financial background, culture, life values and aims in life, personal priorities, for each individually relevant with regard to age, appearance, confession, interests, desire to have children, sense of humour and attractiveness.

The process

After submitting your request through the below form, we will send you a questionnaire through which you send us your profile. We will review it and enter the data into our database. For this, we will charge a one-off fee of EUR 298. Your profile will be anonymised and will never be publicly accessible, only our employees and potential dream partners will see your data.

As soon as you are listed in our database, your data is available to our personal matching procedure which checks in how far your profile matches an interesting searching gentleman. Is a matching profile found, we introduce your profile to the searching person – completely anonymous. If he would like to meet you, it is your decision whether we are allowed to personally match you.

If you wish to search actively, we are, of course, also at your disposal. Please contact us directly in this case.

Optional information: