“Be true to your school.” - The Beach Boys

Zerlina introduces itself.

Before we may be allowed to work for you, we would like to introduce ourselves: Zerlina is an exclusive dating agency and as such brings special people together. We do this to high standards and exclusively selected after a private personal conversation. In addition to our successful matching system, loyalty and discretion are our strongest points.

Our service is mainly directed at ladies and gentlemen who have created their place in our modern world and are now looking for togetherness at eye level. To those, we offer customised options to find their dream partner. It is important to us to point out that Zerlina is not a profane online portal, but a real, personal agency. The basis form both scientific algorithms and the impressive insight of our team into human nature. Thus we find the really matching partner for you and are personally available to you until we have found him or her.


Although the aim of our work is purely of an emotional nature, our methods for achieving this aim are characterised by absolute professionalism. Our management applies optimal training and excellent experience in the area of exclusive matchmaking in every new matching. But even we cannot make do without emotions: motivation, empathy and passion for what we do, make us so successful.


You are our top priority and we will be at your side until you have found your dream partner. Your wishes and individuality are the benchmark for our work. We know through experience that every person wants to be loved for their own sake and not for their status, their environment or even their economic power. Such parameters are of no importance to us, because we consider ourselves to be predominantly pledged to your personality.


Discretion and the ability to deal with sensitive issues are our daily business as it is especially people who hold leadership positions, are part of the public sphere and/or move in the international arena also have high standards here as well – and rightly so. Trust from our clients is our asset as an open, honest and thus successful matching can only happen if the client feels in safe hands.

On this basis, the path to their dream partner differs for our male and female clients: Gentlemen, who want to take luck into their own hands and enjoy making the decision, choose the active method: You would like to find your dream partner and commission us with the search.
» We can immediately get active for you.

The ladies, on the other hand, may be a bit more reserved and enjoy the freedom of being found. Prerequisite for this is, of course, a profile in our system. » Please register for this purpose and will be in touch shortly to request your profile data. Should you as a lady also wish to search actively, please leave a note in the comment field of your request.

One thing both ways have in common: All personal data, which we have to collect and store, are exclusively used for the purpose of our work, are strictly confidential and only accessible to our management. Your profiles are only saved in our “offline system” and can at no time be accessed by other clients without your express permission, let alone third parties.


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